Nurturing Gritty Problem-Solvers of Tomorrow

 Igniting Mathematical Talents in Every Child


At MelonCrates, we place your child's interest first.

We help children become better learners and problem solvers - with a love for lifelong learning and confidence to face new challenges and novel problems.

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The MelonCrates Difference

How are we a step above the rest?

Melon Crates, MelonCrates
Melon Crates, MelonCrates






We follow the Singapore Math Curriculum and focus on improving your child's logic and reasoning, memory, mathematical intuition/inclination, with the goal of equipping them with a solid foundation for further school years.

Our team has a cumulative experience of 40 years within the world-renowned Singaporean education system.

The team includes an International Memory champion, two school Principals, and an International Math Olympiad Trainer/Author.

Classes are made accessible with the option of our online tutoring platform.


Your child connects directly to our education specialists from the comfort and convenience

of your own home.



Every class is structured to have at least one hands-on activity to help your child grasp abstract concepts. Our tutors will work through these with your child during the class itself. Look forward to a personalised and meaningful experience!



A great syllabus isn't enough if it loses your kid's attention..

Everything we do is tied together with innovative gamification and an immersive, captivating storyline that promises to keep your child engaged and attentive throughout.

Melon Crates, MelonCrates


We value-add to your child's learning by helping them to develop strong cognitive skills in logical deduction and problem-solving.


Your child will not fear if they run into a novel problem; but try different ways to analyze a problem, for, more often than not, there are solutions.


Parents and kids LOVE MelonCrates!

He Shan, Parent of Audrey, P2

The enrichment math classes was a really fun and enjoyable experience for Audrey in P2!  


The hands-on activities and interesting storylines kept her captivated and engaged through the whole class. Activities were also well-planned to improve her problem-solving and spatial sense.


Too bad there are only four sessions for the June holidays and my daughter keeps on asking when will be the new lessons.

Sylvia, parent of Joy, P3

Station activities at Math Workshop were really well-planned! The kids loved the math enrichment workshop, as it was hands-on and story-based.  The station facilitators and leads were also engaging and knowledgeable. Joy even learnt cool fun tricks in Math... that even I was stumped for awhile! 

Jade, Student in P3

I like MelonCrates for their fun stories and challenging questions, and the main character Dew! I always want to know what happens next. It has increased my love for math classes and helped me improve problem-solving skills.

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