Mathematical Thinking Classes

Stretch your child to reach his/her potential with our weekly Math classes, with challenging non-routine and higher order questions

Heading 1

Arithmetic Concepts Covered

Numerical Fluency and Whole Numbers






Mathematical Thinking Concepts Covered

Data Analysis and Intepretation

- Collecting and sorting data through pictographs

- Constructing pictographs

Problem-Solving Skills

- Observing and recognizing patterns 

- Logical reasoning and deduction through fun puzzles

- Heuristic skills: Model Drawing, Listing, Guess and Check, Supposition, Restating the Problem


Visual-Spatial Skills

- Using different shapes to form other composite shapes 

- Hands-on manipulatives like tangrams, tetris blocks, 3D puzzles

Social and Character Development Goals

Focus and Observation

- Training focus and observation through puzzles, hands-on activities and problem-solving

Communication Skills

- Asking why and asking questions when uncertain

- Teamwork through interaction and activities with classmates

- Role-playing activities and learning empathy from characters in stories

Learning Attitudes

- Curious and eager to learn 

- Trying new activities and not being afraid to make mistakes 

- Conscientiousness in work through checking

- Responsibility in completing work

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