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MelonCrates conducts Math Enrichment Workshops designed to inspire in kids a love for Mathematics and problem-solving. 

With cute character designs, compelling stories, hands-on activities, proprietary curriculum and experienced trainers, students are self-motivated to learn more, problem-solve and appreciate Math.

Learning Outcomes

All our Math Enrichment Workshops are based on 3 pillars of learning outcomes.

Problem-Solving Skills

Using the problem-solving framework of Observation, Analysis, Logical
Reasoning, Inference.

Topic-based Skills

Depending on their level, students will learn different topics on Math, from spatial visualization of 3D shapes, to shape patterns, and number puzzles.

Grit and Perserverance

Problem-solving requires patience and determination as it involves trial and error to discover patterns that work. In our workshops and classes, we encourage effort and focus on the process of problem-solving rather than just the answers.

P2 to P3 Series: Dew's Math Adventures

Follow Dew, our main character as he embarks in this adventure series to solve various codes and problem sets!

Topics covered include spatial visualization, systematic listing, and application of the 4 steps problem-solving process (Observation, Analysis, Logical Reasoning, Inference).

P4 to P6: Problem Solving Series

The Upper Primary series feature different puzzle sets and involves deeper Mathematical thinking. From patterns like Fibonnaci sequences, to visualization puzzles, repeated trial and error, students will be able to appreciate the beauty of problem-solving and patterns.

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